End of WWII Commemoration

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77th Anniversary of The End of World War II

DATE: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2022 • 9:02 A.M.

September 2 commemorates the formal conclusion of WWII, when hope for an enduring peace once again seemed possible for the world. Through this ceremony, we aim to inspire, educate and motivate all nationalities and generations on the universal values of duty, honor, strength, resolve, sacrifice and peace. Missouri is an international icon, an enduring reminder of the unsurpassed courage and sacrifice of all WWII veterans, as well as a symbol of hope.

The most destructive and devastating war in the history of the world ended with the stroke of a pen and words of reconciliation and hope, and as MacArthur spoke these words at the Surrender, “…It is my earnest hope and indeed the hope of all mankind that from this solemn occasion a better world shall emerge out of the blood and carnage of the past – a world founded upon faith and understanding – a world dedicated to the dignity of man and the fulfillment of his most cherished wish – for freedom, tolerance and justice…”. As Japanese delegate Toshikazu Kase expressed in his book Journey to Missouri: “…The day will come when recorded time, age upon age, will seem but a point in retrospect. However, happen what may in the future, this day on the Missouri will stand out as a bright point that marks a tireless march toward an enduring peace...”

Each year, this ceremony reminds us of the cost of war and the courage it takes to have faith, to believe that there remains goodness in humanity even during the darkest of times, and to maintain that hope in the face of continued threat of war and destruction. As it was expressed so eloquently on the day of the surrender, we must remember and learn from our past, and to educate and inspire current and future generations with the lessons of war and peace.

End-of-WWII-Commemoration 2022

Theme: 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Midway

Breaking the Code – the Crucial Battle that Won the Pacific

On June 4, 1942, Japanese Imperial Navy aircraft attacked and severely damaged the United States base on Midway Island in an attempt to capture and use the island to threaten Pearl Harbor and the U.S. Pacific Fleet and secure Japan’s dominance in the Pacific region.

Unbeknownst to the Japanese, the U.S. Navy and Admiral Chester Nimitz were aware of this planned attack – thanks to the U.S. Navy’s cryptanalysts who had partially broken Japanese communication codes earlier that year. The attack location and time were confirmed when the American base at Midway Island sent a false message to deceive the Japanese, which effectively led them to intercepting the order of battle from the Imperial Japanese Navy.

After their initial attacks on the island’s military facilities, the Japanese aircraft confidently headed back to their carriers to rearm and refuel but surprisingly became aware of the presence of U.S. naval forces in the area. The Japanese aircraft carriers Akagi, Hiryu, Soryu, and Kaga were all hit with waves of TBD Devastator torpedo-bombers and SBD Dauntless dive-bombers from the USS Enterprise, USS Hornet, and USS Yorktown.

Over the next two days, United States troops at sea and on Midway Island continued their persistent attacks, forcing the Japanese to abandon the battle and retreat. The Japanese lost four fleet carriers, one cruiser, more than 3,000 sailors and experienced pilots, and 320 aircraft. The United States lost the USS Yorktown, one destroyer, less than 400 men, and only 150 aircraft.

This critical victory changed the tide of the war and successfully stopped the expansion of Japan in the Pacific, giving the United States the momentum needed to win the war.

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77th Anniversary of The End of World War II Program

PLEASE JOIN US on Sept 02, at 9:02 AM (HST) for our 77th Anniversary of The End of World War II ceremony. Check on our Facebook page, and YouTube Channel for a live feed.

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