Donate An Artifact

The Historic Collection

The USS Missouri Memorial's historic collection is made up of donations from former crew members, their families, and the general public. These artifacts document and preserve the history of the Navy, the battleship, and her crew through the ages. Artifact donations provide an invaluable resource for visitors, researchers, as well as Missouri Memorial staff. 

How to Donate an Artifact

Step 1: Contact our Curator!

E-mail the Curator at with a description of your artifact. Photos are always helpful and very much appreciated!

Step 2: Ship Your Artifact

Use any postal service you are comfortable with, but we recommend that you elect for insurance and tracking. Please do not send anything without first reaching out to our Curator. 

Mailing Address:
USS Missouri Memorial Association, Inc.
63 Cowpens St.
Honolulu, HI 96818

Please include a return address!

Step 3: Sign a Deed of Gift

If your item is accepted for donation, the Curator will mail out a Deed of Gift in return. A Deed of Gift is a legal document that confirms the donation of an artifact to the museum. Please sign one copy and return to us using the stamped envelope included in the correspondence. 

Artifact Donation FAQs

What kind of artifacts does the Memorial collect?

UMMA collects a broad range of artifacts and archival material. We typically collect anything related to:

  • USS Missouri (BB-63) and her history (e.g., rosters, brass Turret seats, pianos, boats, sprayer plates, technical manuals, etc.)
  • Personal affects from her crew and their lives both on board and on shore (e.g., letters, photographs, napkin rings, diaries, scrapbooks, etc.)
  • USS Missouri (BB-11) and her crew
  • General Navy/maritime history
  • General history pertaining to WWII, the Korean War, and the Gulf War

Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting:

  • Personal Plaques (*we do accept shipboard plaques)
  • Matchbooks
  • Newspaper Clippings (*that do not have their headline and date)
  • Death Certificates
  • Prayer Cards
  • Ship/Aircraft/Vehicle Models
  • Challenge Coins

Will the museum pay me to donate an artifact?

No, the Memorial does not purchase artifacts in this way.

Can you put my artifact permanently on display?

No, and you wouldn't want us to! Artifacts, like their human donors, need sleep in order to prolong their life. Like humans, artifacts do best in dark, cool environments. When our artifacts aren't on display or exhibit, they are housed in a secure temperature-controlled facility to protect them from light and environmental damage.  

Can I loan you my artifact?

We are not taking private, long-term, or "permanent" loans at this time. 

I don't want to send my artifact, can I send a copy?

We do not accept photocopies as donations.

Does the museum provide appraisals for artifacts and/or provide certificates of authenticity?

In compliance with current Federal Income Tax regulations, USS Missouri Memorial Association staff members are prohibited from providing donors with appraisal services.