Mighty Mo Robotics

Underway with Mighty Mo Robotics

During the USS Missouri Robotics program, students will construct robots using the LEGO® Mindstorms EV3 Robotics set. The robots they construct must be designed to complete missions and in order to be successful, the requirements of the mission must be incorporated into the robot design. In engineering, these requirements are called criteria and constraints. 


To expose students to STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) in a fun, challenging and engaging way, abroad the USS Missouri. For this activity, students will gain practice designing and building a vehicle that meets certain engineering design criteria and constraints. 

How the Robots Work

The robots work by using various sensors such as, rotation, light, sound, ultrasonic and touch. The sensors send input information to the "brain" of the robot (the EV3 intelligent brick) which processes this information and sends a signal via cables to the output ports and ultimately to the rotation sensors to allow the robot to move. 


It is designed for students in grades 4-6, with up to 24 students per day in order to meet COVID-19 physical distancing requirements.

Program Components

An in-school pre-visit is followed by a shipboard visit of 3 hours. They will spend time constructing, programming and testing their robots, using the LEGO® Mindstorms EV3, and the EV3 programming software on the computer. Once their robots are built and programmed, they will enter the mission room to run tier tests and evaluate their performance. 

What Makes the Program Unique

Unlike any other robotics program in the state, is the fact that it  is housed and hosted abroad the only Battleship Museum in Hawaii. Our missions and tests for the robots are based on real-world Naval missions (combat, Search and Rescue, Cargo Transport, etc.)

What Else

Pre-visit lesson ideas are provided to teachers which help to augment the shipboard visit. 


Dan Parsons, Education Director at (808) 455-1600 ext. 240