Promotions/Commissionings onboard the Battleship Missouri are offered as two different ceremony types: 30-minute standing ceremonies and 1-hour seated ceremonies.

30-minute Standing Ceremonies

The first ceremony starts at 0800 and the last ceremony starts at 1530. The ceremony will take place on the Main Deck of the ship in 3 possible locations or on the pier in 1 possible location; no ceremonial equipment is allowed.

Gun Turret 1

Located forward of the ship, near the bow, this location is only available from 0800-0830. Max capacity of 50 guests.

Surrender Deck

Located where the signing of the surrender documents took place officially ending World War II, this location is only available from 0800-0830.  Max capacity of 30 guests.

Gun Turret 3

Located aft of the ship, near the fantail, this location is available in half hour increments starting at 0800 up till 1530. Max capacity of 50 guests.

Forward Pier

Located on the forward Pier, close to the Arizona Memorial, this location is available in half hour increments starting at 0800 until 1530.

If you would like a United States flag for your 30-minute standing ceremony, you must provide your own. Flag stands are not allowed on the teak wood deck. It is best to have two personnel hold the flag for display.

Food and beverages other than bottled water are not permitted.

1-hour Seated Ceremonies

The first ceremony starts at 0830 and the last ceremony starts at 1430. The ceremony will take place on the Fantail of the ship. These ceremonies require a site visit to review ship protocol, the venue space, and a signed contract.


Located aft of the ship, the Fantail can accommodate up to 300 guests.
Available in the morning for a ceremony time 0830-0930 or 1030-1130 and the afternoon for a ceremony time of 1230-1330 or 1430-1530.

After the ceremony, a reception may be held on the Fantail for a fee. Catering is allowed at the reception by an authorized caterer, please inquire for the list of authorized caterers.

The following ceremonial equipment is available at no cost:

• Podiums (2)
• 5-Flag Flag stand
• 3-Flag Flag stand
• National flag
• Hawaii State flag
• All service flags
• 120 chairs 
• Sound System with speakers
• Wireless microphones (2)
• Ceremonial awards table
• Ceremonial bell and bell stand
• Ceremonial side-boy bullets (6)
• Red carpets (1 horizontal and 1 vertical)

A working party is required for set up and tear down of all equipment. We recommend a minimum crew of two individuals.

We process requests for ceremonies by the order in which the Military Request Form 2022 is received. If you have any questions or would like to turn in the form please email to or call (808) 455-1600 ext 225.

**if you use Gmail as your email, please check the SPAM folder for the reply**

We ask that all guests remember to stay a safe distance from other visitors while exploring the ship.

As the state of this public health emergency changes from day to day, we will remain focused on keeping our employees and our visitors safe, healthy, and informed. For more information on how to safely visit the Mighty Mo, click here.

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