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Battleship Missouri Memorial Permanently Showcases Artwork Created by Students of Hanalani Schools

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Battleship Missouri Memorial Permanently Showcases Artwork
Created by Students of Hanalani Schools

Pearl Harbor, HI (February 15, 2022) – The Battleship Missouri Memorial is proud to present “Operation Making History!,” a STEAM (STEM + Arts) project created by five students of Hanalani Schools. STEAM is an educational approach designed to integrate the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math. This art project was created to commemorate the events of the war and honor those who fought in it.

“We are honored to receive this piece of art that perfectly sums up the Mighty Mo’s story and place in history,” said Dan Parsons, Director of Education at the Battleship Missouri Memorial. “The students put a lot of time, energy and love into this project, and we are proud to share it with everyone who visits the ship.”

Hanalani Schools students worked together to create a meaningful art piece highlighting the peace that was made on the deck of the USS Missouri. The artwork illustrates the reconciliation with silhouettes of two people representing the United States and Japan, holding a hand out to one another in peace. Also included in the art piece is the USS Missouri, docked in the background symbolizing the peace that was made since and the battle days being over.

This art piece was hand painted with acrylic paint on plywood by five Hanalani Schools students. It will be permanently displayed outside of the Education Classroom on the Second Deck of the Mighty Mo.

To view and learn more about the Operation Making History! artwork, take a tour of the Battleship Missouri Memorial. To plan your next trip to the Mighty Mo, visit

Please credit images to the Battleship Missouri Memorial:

Caption: “Operation Making History!” located on the Second Deck of the Battleship Missouri Memorial outside of the Education Classroom.

Caption: Ailsie Nakamura (11th) and Rosabel Mahimer (Alumni) unveiling “Operation Making History!” art piece at the Battleship Missouri Memorial.

Caption: Students and teachers from Hanalani Schools at the Battleship Missouri Memorial sharing their art piece “Operation Making History!” Left to right: Mr. Thomas Gimber, Kanoelani Amantiad (12th), Kenen Chang (10th), Laura Ishii (9th), Ailsie Nakamura (11th), Rosabel Mahimer (Alumni).

Caption: Students from Hanalani Schools presenting their information plaque about the specially made artwork on display at the Battleship Missouri Memorial. Left to right: Ailsie Nakamura (11th), Kanoelani Amantiad (12th), Kenen Chang (10th), Rosabel Mahimer (Alumni), and Laura Ishii (9th).

Battleship Missouri Memorial

Since opening in January 1999, the Battleship Missouri Memorial has attracted more than 9-million visitors from around the world with a fascinating tour experience showcasing the USS Missouri’s unique place in history. Located a mere ship’s length from the USS Arizona Memorial, the Mighty Mo completes a historical visitor experience that begins with the “day of infamy” and sinking of the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and ends with Japan’s formal surrender aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945.

The USS Missouri had an astounding career over five decades and three wars – World War II, the Korean War, and Desert Storm – after which it was decommissioned and donated to the USS Missouri Memorial Association, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Association operates the Battleship Missouri Memorial as a historic attraction and oversees her care and preservation with the support of visitors, memberships, grants, and donations.

Safety is our top priority. The Battleship Missouri Memorial is taking additional steps to assure guests will have a safe and healthy experience touring the Mighty Mo. We respectfully ask all visitors to abide by state of Hawaii safety guidelines while on site.

The Battleship Missouri Memorial is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. General admission is $34.99 per adult and $17.49 per child (4-12). Military, kama‘āina (local resident) and school group pricing is available. For information or reservations, call (808) 455-1600 or visit

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