密苏里号战舰纪念馆鼓励学生在疫情期间里继续参与学习和探索。请点击这里. ,以了解更多远端教学课程信息。

有声儿童故事书(英文) A storybook written and illustrated by Jeff Langacon.

“My Grandpa's Battleship Missouri Tour,” a heartwarming children’s book by local author Jeff Langacon. Keiki at home can listen to this virtual read aloud story available on YouTube.

The book’s main character Toby Langacon, father to Jeff (author), is both the storybook and real-life Mighty Mo tour guide. In the book, Toby takes his granddaughter’s class on an excursion of the famed battleship and talks about being stationed on the very ship that played a major role in American history.

Toby is a veteran USS Missouri crewmember whose naval career began in 1953. Now retired, Toby calls Hawaii home and serves as one of the Mighty Mo’s beloved tour guides as he spends Wednesday’s on the ship providing special tours.

To purchase your own copy of My Grandpa's Battleship Missouri Tour, visit our online store and help support the Mighty Mo:

To view more of Jeff's work please visit:

The ship is closed to the public on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

最新: 密苏里号战舰纪念馆开放: 每日上午8:00至下午4:00。

檀香山推出“安全访问欧胡岛” “Safe Access Oahu”政策。从9月13日星期一开始,密苏里号战舰纪念馆、太平洋舰队潜艇博物馆和珍珠港航空博物馆的所有工作人员和游客将被要求出示完全接种疫苗的证明或 COVID-19 (48 小时内)的测试呈阴性证明,以及有效身份证件 进入。 12 岁以下的儿童除外。



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