75th Anniversary September 2, 2020,  American Flag Flown on the USS Missouri & Surrender Pin Set



"Let us pray that peace now be restored to the world, and that God will preserve it always." With these words from General MacArthur proceedings were closed ending World War II. To Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the End of World War II this American Flag has been raised and flown on the USS Missouri Memorial on September 2, 2020. Includes Surrender Label Pin. Times flown will be assorted ; limited stock available. All flags have sewn stripes and embroidered stars. Made of premium quality. Flags are made in the USA. Flags include a certificate showing the date and time of the raising. Certificate can be personalized with who it is being presented to and the occasion. Choose from one of the following at ordering. ( On Occasion of:, In Loving Memory of:,In Honor of:, Other:). *Example: Presented To: John Smith In Honor of Your Faithful Service in the United States Navy




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